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Five Essential Questions for Business Survival

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Today, confidence in a brand is critical, as consumers are risk-averse with less disposable income. Going forward, businesses and consumers will be scrutinizing the value of their time and engagement. Technology will drive more interaction to adapt to purchase behavior.

The new marketing paradigm will be about asking the tough questions — the why, the where, and the how-to shift your strategic brand strategy and marketing mix to maximize your brand’s health, short-term financials, engagement, experience, and optimal ROI.


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Key considerations you should be asking now to prepare for the new economy:

Is your business (brand) prepared for the holistic evolution of the new consumer economy and experience?

  • Listen for changes in customer sentiment. Really listen to them.
  • Revise your brand message and value proposition to be more consumer/customer-centric, digital, agile, and sustainable.
  • Make sure you have the right resources to maximize the marketing shift.

Are you re-evaluating your communication strategy and avoiding being tone deaf or inauthentic?

  • Adjust your messaging and tone to address and anticipate customer concerns and behaviors.
  • Stay relevant to your customers and community. Be authentic.
  • Adjust your CRM playbook. Prepare your sales force to handle more digital and less in-person connections.

What are the short- and long-term technology and process shifts you need to focus on right now?

  • Identify your marketing allocation to the right media and marketing mix.
  • Make sure your internal technology tools (CRM, website, online sales, applications) are current.
  • Build a three-year technology integration strategy in your marketing plan.

Are you adjusting to the new customer expectations and overdelivering?

  • Make sure your internal brand message is aligned with customer perception.
  • Be sure to have NEW qualitative and quantitative research and insights on trends and purchase behavior.
  • Seek unexpected ways to reach your customers in today’s economy. Know where they are and where there is rapid change (global, national, regional, local).

Have you streamlined your business process to simplify complexity and maximum efficiencies?

  • Fine-tune the external marketing mix and brand message to maximize ROI and customer experience.
  • Identify your top three communication strategies and tactics for ROI.
  • Look for technological and operational ways to gain speed-to-market.

To Download a PDF version of “Five Essential Questions for Business Survival,” click here.

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