With a deep-rooted history as a gateway to exploration and a birthplace of invention, St. Louis isn’t done yet (and won’t be for a while)…

Pest-resistant soybeans. Cancer-fighting genomes. Industry-revolutionizing alternative fuels, powerful prototyping and production… the list goes on and on. What list? A very, very small portion of what the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Center St. Louis is going to accomplish, hand-in-hand with our local STL trailblazers.

It’s bold.

Of course it is. A bold statement for an even bolder idea: to create an innovation hub in St. Louis that will revolutionize advanced manufacturing and elevate the economic, educational, and community visibility and strength of an entire region. Bold ideas don’t spread themselves, though. You need a bold brand, too. 

Dovetail couldn’t wait to get started.


Futures Made.

Simple, powerful, and impactful.

With the incorporation of AMICSTL’s St. Louis-centric brand imagery, nothing felt more true to the organization’s mission: to not only make STL an epicenter for advanced manufacturing by supporting leading-edge industries, but drive diverse, equitable growth for all of our region’s communities.

Their brand language, logo, content templates, and more as strong as their dedication to bringing hundreds of new jobs to the community, AMICSTL is prepped for success as we move into their next phase: a new website as resourceful and dynamic as their facility will be.


Additional Brand Studies

We believe every brand has ownable positioning, even if it doesn’t seem obvious.
Below are more of our selected brands reimagined for future success.