Ascent – Elevating Mission Critical Ascent – Elevating Mission Critical


A data center powerhouse 25 years in the making, this business was charged up for bigger and better. Brand reimagining would flip the switch…

In the middle of an industrial park in St. Louis, Missouri, next to a modest, duck-filled pond, in a rather unassuming building, huge things are happening.

This is Ascent, and for over 25 years, they have been the mission critical partner of choice for data center and critical site operations, engineering projects and technical site services for businesses and companies across North America, including Canada.

Ascent logo development

As an operation, business was booming, a success story
built not only on technical knowhow or cutting-edge capabilities,
but with a group of people who truly serve as the beating heart
of the company. As a brand, however, Ascent was a bit behind.
Enter Dovetail.

Ascent brand pattern

Partnering with Ascent, the Dovetail team took a deep dive
into researching the history, the operations, the people,
and the power of Ascent.

With stacks of interviews and mounds of research documents, we started the creative process the way we start any branding reimagining: with the brand’s positioning. The brand positioning, or as it’s more widely known, the brand tagline…

“Elevating Mission Critical”

With those three simple words, Ascent’s relentless commitment to excellence and innovation are proclaimed.

And, with those three simple words, we were armed with our north star to build out the brand properly, moving next into a new logo and visual language, new voice and personality, branded document templates, and an entirely new website.

Ascent social media ads

Today, with a reimagined, fully charged brand, Ascent is powered up to continue on their journey started 25 years ago: being a leading provider across the full life cycle of mission critical operations.

Ascent brand guidelines
Ascent t-shirt and one-sheeter explainer

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