Drury Hotels

An esteemed hotel. An updated
brand. Now it was time to digitally
transform it and bring it to life.

The result was a streamlined, eye-catching, new user experience that makes booking a delight.

Known for always going the extra mile to make guests happier and their journeys easier, Drury Hotels rebranded with the platform, “Travel Happy.” While the actual hotel experience exemplified this completely, the online experience was technologically behind. Dovetail stepped in to update this. The first step was to reimagine the experience and bring the branding to life online. Working with the Drury Hotels team, we endeavored to truly know the hotel guests, backwards and forwards. To achieve this, user personas were first developed to guide the process — these would fuel the conceptual and creative approaches taken. From there, we deconstructed the site experience, reimagining and reworking it with a visual language that paired up with and reinforced the new branding. Through both the UX and UI, the idea of “Travel Happy” was brought to life throughout the entire site and across all touchpoints, including messaging, imagery and functionality.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Research & Insights
  • Website Design & Build
  • Drury Hotels logo on a red patterned background
    Drury Hotels website page designs on five smartphones

    A big part of ensuring guests travel happy? Design that was responsive to their needs.

    To follow through with the branding and live up to the Drury Hotels reputation, we worked in two-week sprints with dev teams to iteratively push new designs live as they were approved. From rebuilding pages with new designs to ensuring functionality across all devices, we created, organized and tested, increasing online presence, improving ratings, and, most of all, enhancing and simplifying the booking experience.

    Drury Hotels website page designs on a smartphone and a desktop computer

    A revamped appearance and reservation booking flow experience was thoroughly user-tested… this, in turn, would ensure maximum user-friendliness.

    Drury Hotels booking flow page design
    “Dovetail exceeded expectations! They took the time to understand the brand, our values, and our guests! The depth of their research and understanding translated into delivering exactly what we had envisioned. A great team to work with and wonderful strategic partnership has been developed.”
    red swoosh graphics
    various Drury Hotels website designs

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