Gateway Arch

A monument to westward expansion
and beacon of tenacity,
this landmark was in dire need
of a platform on which to stand…

Along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, the Gateway Arch stands as testament to Thomas Jefferson and all the pioneers who ventured through St. Louis, as they forged forth from the east and explored the American west.

A towering symbol and architectural marvel, the Gateway Arch attracts tourists from around the globe. During a time of renovation, Dovetail worked closely with the Arch team as they developed a reimagined branding for the monument, one that would honor the vision of its architect, Eero Saarinen.
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  • Gateway Arch horizontal logo
    Gateway Arch sub brand logo designs for the museum, Old Courthouse and the Riverboats
    Gateway Arch website page designs on various devices

    Armed with the knowledge that more than 2 million people
    take the famed Tram Ride to the Top every year,
    Dovetail worked to collect consumer insights and interview key stakeholders.

    What we found was a common thread that connected them: memories.

    Yes, the sheer, awe-inspiring nature of the Arch draws people toward it, but it is the memories that stir within that truly resonate. One by one, visitors told incredible stories about their experiences with the Arch, and shared that they felt compelled to journey back and experience it again with others.

    It was this invaluable insight that led us to the creation of the Arch’s new brand platform: See Differently. And with this reimagined platform, we endeavored to bring it to life with a newly designed identity system.

    Gateway Arch print ad and tram ticket designs

    Beyond the Gateway Arch experience,
    this refreshed messaging also provides communications
    support for the entire Arch campus including branding
    for the Old Courthouse and the Riverboats at the Gateway Arch.

    As this platform and campaign illustrates, even if people have visited the Arch in the past, revisiting the monument again can bring brand new experiences, new connections… and new memories to cherish.

    Gateway Arch brand style guide cover and interior sitting on blue
    When we were faced with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to unveil a new brand in conjunction with the completion of the renovated and re-imagined visitor experience at the Gateway Arch, Dovetail delivered! The entire Dovetail team put their creative energy into establishing a powerful, awe-inspiring brand for the Gateway Arch. They took the time to clearly understand the nuance of our operation, gathered insights from visitors, key stakeholders, and partners, and created a reimagined brand that will stand the test of time. In addition to a beautiful logo, Dovetail equipped us with clear brand guidelines, a research-based brand position and platform, as well as a new website and a suite of refreshed marketing materials. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome!
    Darcy Bates
    Marketing and Communications Specialist, Tourism Innovation, Gateway Arch
    three Gateway Arch social media Facebook advertising units
    Gateway Arch logo on a polo shirt and a mockup of a Gateway Arch brochure design on a table

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