Kent Precision Foods Group

Producer of personal
nutrition solutions
for healthcare providers
and patients

Kent Precision Foods Group (KPFG) develops, formulates and packages dry mix food products for both consumers and foodservice channels. Specifically formulated for use in healthcare facilities, their line of Thick-It® products helps make eating safer for those dealing with dysphagia, the term for a range of swallowing difficulties. The dysphagia market is huge and growing. Currently more than 590 million people worldwide are living with it. First to market in 1987, Thick-It is a proven pioneer in this category and number one retail brand.

With goals to strengthen brand perception and enhance market share, Thick-It enlisted Dovetail to conduct a comprehensive brand audit which resulted in refreshed brand positioning and an ingredient-based master brand architecture strategy.

The evolved logo and packaging visually communicate the new brand position. We also launched a new product line to speech language pathologists, dieticians, nurses and caregivers that included sell sheets, white papers, and training decks.

Together, we formulated a new, more compassionate brand voice and marketing elements that differentiate Thick-It in a way that instills dignity and confidence—something we all need to fully enjoy life.

Additional Brand Studies

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