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A complete toolbox of solutions
for independent landlords
and property managers.

Refining a robust suite of property management tools into a single user touchpoint. LandlordStation takes property management and makes it simple. Offering a complete toolbox of solutions for independent landlords and property managers to list, screen, manage documents and process payments, LandlordStation is a one-stop shop.
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LandlordStation website pages on desktop and laptop computers

The challenge was to take the vast array of capabilities and present them in a way that would allow users to easily navigate the web-based platform and find the tools for their specific needs.

Dovetail started at the beginning by developing a new logo that would work towards streamlining the experience while simultaneously embodying the toolbox motif. From there, the team set out to distill LandlordStation’s offerings and present them in a web design that would focus on the features and benefits of each, along with language that was refined to present LandlordStation with a more conversational tone.

Today, LandlordStation offers independent landlords and property managers a clean, concise experience that takes the guesswork out of finding the right tools.

LandlordStation website page designs on mobile devices
LandlordStation brand guide sheet showing an image, colors and graphics

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