ProBiora Probiotics for the Mouth

Everybody knows that, when it comes to oral care, it’s pretty open and shut… except it’s not. At all. Cue the reimagining.

An incredible innovation in oral-care, ProBiora was sitting on a pioneering, easy-to-use product with countless upsides and almost no downsides… except in explaining exactly what an oral-care probiotic was, who it was for, what it could do, how to use it, or why you would even want to.

The team at ProBiora wanted to spread the word on their oral-care probiotic and the patented formula that made it so effective in oral-care and overall systemic health.

They approached Dovetail to devise a plan to best concept marketing, messaging, and more or less explaining what was so special and unique about ProBiora and why it was a no-brainer when it came to making it part of anyone’s — even pets’ — overall oral-care regimen.

With a thinktank approach, Dovetail plunged themselves into the science, benefits, challenges and misconceptions of exactly what an oral-care probiotic was.

From there…

Dovetail developed a number of thematic messaging approaches, taglines, visuals, photography, and typography, to help establish a connection to the consumer. Once an approach was settled upon, Dovetail wrote, designed, and developed an updated campaign for the brand.

And then Dovetail and ProBiora went a step further, reimagining their approach again, pushing the work to make a real splash… Make noise, get attention, and really connect with consumers on an honest, emotional, and even humorous level.

Now, thanks to ProBiora, consumers have a greater understanding why their toothbrush is a filthy liar and why the most effective way to fight bacteria in the mouth is with good.

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