An invaluable tool,
robust management hub
& the perfect moniker.
They just needed a complete
branding makeover…

As an instrument of the rent industry, RentPayment is absolutely vital.

Beyond simply being a hub for managing and streamlining the rent process, RentPayment offers a plethora of tools for residents, property managers & landlords and tech partners alike.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Story & Positioning
  • Brand Design & Digital
  • Research & Insights
  • Website Design & Build
  • UX & UI Design
  • Campaign Development
  • Brand Activation
  • Brand Management
  • RentPayment official logo and in-process logo sketches
    RentPayment website design on five smartphone devices

    For residents, RentPayment is an incredible,
    easy-to-use tool to pay their rent.

    For the payees, RentPayment is a groundbreaking hub that simplifies collecting, processing, and depositing payments.

    Through all of this, however, RentPayment was seemingly overlooked in the landscape of management and payment options. What they needed was branding that was befitting of their benefits and ease of use. This reimagining would take Dovetail not only through the messaging and design of the brand, but through the entire online experience.

    RentPayment door hanger design and a man and a woman shaking hands with an apartment manager

    The early stages of brand reimagining
    started at the core: revisiting the logo.

    Through numerous iterations, we strove to create something eye-catching and approachable. From there, the team began to dig through the site, pouring over the multitude of capabilities, to develop a language that spoke simply and directly. We paired this with a clean, eye-catching design that would work across multiple devices and access points.

    Now, RentPayment is the go-to tool that successfully lives up to its namesake and completely fulfills the company’s vision.

    five RentPayment email campaign design mockups
    RentPayment resident adoption playbook materials

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