graphic of Shock Top brand wide banner graphic of Shock Top brand with wedge logo square

Shock Top — Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC

When a brand of renowned refreshment was ready for a reawakening, on- and off-premise, the recipe was simple: reimagine it…

Shock Top Beligian-style ale, with its citrus-infused flavors, never really went away. With an easily identifiable icon and a core group of consumers who never wavered in their enthusiasm, the brand was ready to reintroduce itself to the masses. Enter Dovetail. Working with the brand team at Anheuser-Busch InBev, we traced the history of Shock Top all the way back to the very beginning, immersing ourselves in every iteration of the packaging, obsessing over every step of the marketing. When we emerged from this historical deep-dive, we set out to craft a reimagined look and feel that could be applied across all packaging, branding and marketing materials.
Shock Top beer bottle with tall glass and an orange wedge
Shock Top 15-can package design
Shock Top logo designs on a sign, beer spigot and clock

Energizing the colors and applying them to a painted wood background gave a tactile sense of refreshment.

Messaging moved to a place that was more conversational and inclusive. And the “wedgehead” icon stood out, loud and proud, once again. Now, when consumers spot Shock Top, they immediately see an opportunity for livin’ on the wedge.

various Shock Top logo extensions on crates, a chair, sleeping bag and hammock

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We believe every brand has ownable positioning, even if it doesn’t seem obvious.
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