St. Louis Lambert International Airport

The largest U.S. medium-sized hub
was in profound need of an identity.
It all came together… with a little hustling.

To illustrate their strengths and benefits to travelers, the St. Louis Lambert International Airport team partnered with Dovetail to develop a new means of expression. What followed was an entire brand reimagining.

A hub for travel in the middle of the United States and deeply-rooted in the very history of American aviation, St. Louis Lambert International Airport was seemingly invisible to the millions of travelers that passed through its gates each year.
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  • Brand Story & Positioning
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  • Research & Insights
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  • Campaign Development
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  • Beginning with interviews with key stakeholders,
    Dovetail endeavored to unearth exactly what
    the perception of the airport was.

    Surveys were soon sent to travelers, and, after extensive analysis of quantitative research, the team worked to create a message that would not only speak to the travelers, but also speak for the many, many staff, employees, and personnel who made St. Louis Lambert International Airport more than just a stopping point.

    With that, Dovetail created the platform: Every Day We’re HuSTLing.

    In order to implement this campaign efficiently, Dovetail expanded the messaging landscape, utilizing existing space that St. Louis Lambert International Airport had available. This included TV screens by gates, luggage carts, signage around baggage claim, geo-targeted ads, and much more.

    St. Louis Lambert International Airport graphic designs
    St. Louis Lambert International Airport red BuSTLing window graphics near baggage claim

    Emphasizing the hard work that the Airport’s staff puts
    into making travelers’ journeys go as smoothly as possible,
    this new campaign positions St. Louis Lambert International
    Airport as an advocate for travelers.

    Now, people can be assured that everyone they encounter at the airport is dedicated to giving them an indelible travel experience.

    St. Louis Lambert International Airport Hustling campaign graphics on a sweatshirt and luggage carts

    To celebrate the centennial of Lambert’s signing, St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) and Dovetail joined together to create an immersive, promotional program dubbed “Flyness!”

    “Flyness” (or the variation “to be fly”) is defined as stylish, posh, cool, amazing, awesome. Featuring the tagline “Celebrating 100 Years of Flyness”, the 100th anniversary campaign is not only an overview of the rich, important history and milestones of STL, but also a journey through time and history itself, which shows off where the airport has been, points to where it’s going, and celebrates just how “fly” they’ve been all along.

    Tying the different decades together, the Dovetail team created a series of custom logos, each embodying an era of “Flyness,” to be used in videos and throughout the promotion.

    Through the use of archival STL photography and video, along with historical footage, Dovetail took a documentary-style approach to create and develop an entire campaign of messaging and imagery, starting with a long-form video that told the entire story of STL and its “Flyness” throughout the past 100 years of history. Based on the long-form video, Dovetail then produced a series of short, bite-sized versions for quick, easy sharing and viewing across all social media channels, each one focused on a decade or span of time in the history of STL.

    St. Louis Lambert International Airport STL100 - celebrating 100 years of Flyness graphics through various decades

    Every year The Art of Travel fundraiser helps support the Lambert Art & Culture Program. This program maintains St. Louis Lambert International Airport’s exhibitions of local and regional artists, as well as helping to fund permanent installations around the terminals.

    Dovetail has been tasked with creating eye-catching and effective messaging for this high-profile fundraiser. We needed to develop a strategy that would build awareness for the event, drive revenue growth, and attract more sponsors to the Art & Culture Program year over year.

    Your Ticket to Candyville perfectly complemented the event’s artistic partner, Third Degree Glass factory. We also developed visually stunning collateral and materials — including tickets, posters, invitations, and much more — to help create buzz and excitement leading up to the big night.

    St. Louis Lambert International Airport Art of Travel benefit poster sitting on a table
    Dovetail was awarded their initial contract because of their innovative ideas, their plans to collaborate with and for STL, and their strong connections in the St. Louis Community. Over the next three years, Dovetail lived up to their plan. It was not just a pitch — we inherited a brand new visual identity program for the airport, a new name and new logo. Dovetail methodically learned about the organization, built up a new marketing and organizational awareness program, and launched it within six months.
    Jeff Lea
    Public Relations Manager, St. Louis Lambert International Airport
    St. Louis Lambert International Airport Art of Travel benefit featuring the Spirit of St. Louis plane and a man licking a lollipop

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