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National Council of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse

Talk About It

The opioid and heroin epidemic has grown into a national issue, and its effects have not ignored our hometown of St. Louis. In an effort to help our community, Dovetail teamed up with our partners at NCADA (National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse) to introduce a new prevention campaign.
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Talking About It Works

There is a very clear fact: when parents have conversations with their children about drug and alcohol abuse, there can be a 50 percent reduction in that child’s risk of use. That shaped our approach, and we adopted a more conversational, accessible tone across all touchpoints.
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Continuing the Conversation

With the shift away from sensationalism, Dovetail worked with NCADA to deliver the message of “Talk About It” through a number of mediums, including video, radio, bus shelters, outdoor, environmental, online and digital initiatives.

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