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Do any of these manufacturing branding,
marketing and sales challenges sound familiar?

If more prospects knew about you, you’d likely close more deals because your products are stronger than your competitors'…
Brand awareness is key to selling in industries with longer sales cycles and higher-priced product and service offerings.

If your prospects aren’t ready to buy today, you’ll want to be sure they remember you when they are. A strong brand story can open the door to connecting with your prospects in a more memorable way, as well as providing the story elements to nurture them until the time is right, with digital marketing tactics that meet them where they are in the buyer’s journey.

If you’ve been presenting your brand with a product-features-and-tech-specs-first approach, it may be time to reimagine what’s possible with your brand story to communicate your unique benefits.

You’re missing cross-selling opportunities because you’re not sure how to communicate the benefits…
One of the best ways to grow your business is cross-selling your products and services with existing customers.

Having the right essential content and a plan to introduce these offerings to your customers is key for organic growth from your existing base.

We can help identify which touchpoints may be falling short and the steps to take using the right tactics and the right times to begin the process of moving forward with greater success.

What if you could significantly decrease the time spent "selling" by obtaining more qualified leads who are already seeking to contract?
With old-school prospecting tools — like purchased lists or “dialing for dollars” — you have no idea if the prospect is even in the market for your services until you make contact… if you can reach them at all.

Dovetail specializes in discovering which opportunities your business needs more of, and then building a highly automated lead generation and nurturing system designed to bring them to you.

We target your “best customer” profile, engage them with educational content about your product or service offering, pre-sell them on your unique points of differentiation, and move them down the funnel toward contracting with your company. By the time you get involved, the prospect is highly qualified and ready to take action.

Your marketing and sales teams are not seeing enough qualified leads...
We get it, it’s not just the volume of leads, it’s the quality of leads that convert into a business opportunity. If the leads aren’t qualified, your limited time and resources are essentially spent pursuing dead ends.

Often, we see the lack of definition between what a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) look like. Is a website inquiry an MQL? What if the inquiry form “converts” but the information is clearly from a non-qualified submission? Without establishing a set of agreed upon parameters, it can be hard to track your KPIs.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to lead generation. Every company starts from a different place — some with a great head start, a content program, social media outreach and an email nurturing program. Others haven’t had the opportunity to set it up yet and need to start closer to the beginning.

Our approach is to combine what we know about BOTH marketing and branding to begin implementing a process that will lead to more opportunities that can be built upon over time.

The labor market is competitive and having the right type of business would allow you to better compensate and retain employees...
Having enough skilled employees can have a huge impact on capacity, workflows and timelines.

It’s the classic “chicken or the egg” problem — should you hire before generating more business or secure new business before finding a solution to service it? In either case, a strong brand story can help define your culture, attract employees who align and believe in your mission, and retain top performers.

We can help you dial in your messaging and brand story through design and digital tactics, giving you more control over your future.

You’re a LEAN organization and need to figure out what marketing KPIs should be developed, tracked and measured for ROI…
KPIs are important to determine if you’re headed in the right direction, but knowing what to track and why you’re tracking it is equally important. Otherwise, you risk making decisions based on the wrong interpretation of this data.

Some of the common KPIs include the number of impressions, search rank, web traffic and leads — but what’s really important is what those KPIs mean for your business.

We’ll help you define which KPIs should be tracked, what timing looks like for success, and we’ll set realistic expectations for what’s on the horizon, based on how robust or simple your plan may be.

Ultimately, it’s the performance that matters, like an improved conversion rate, new business opportunities generated, and revenue growth.

You need a revenue-focused marketing program and need to figure out your Customer Acquisition Costs, but aren’t sure where to start..
Answering the question of what it costs to acquire a new customer is key to understanding how much you should invest in branding and marketing.

If you’re just starting out, it’s unlikely that you’ll have this data until you’ve had some time in market. If you’re a more established company, you’ll want to understand what numbers impact your Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC).

One of the ways to identify your CAC is to take your total campaign marketing spend as it relates to new acquisitions — wages associated with sales and marketing, software subscriptions, and other marketing and sales overhead costs — and DIVIDE by your total number of customers acquired.

At that point, you’ll have a baseline understanding of what it takes to acquire a new customer, which you can then compare to what their long-term customer value may be, or the net profit from a specific sale.

Your sales cycle can be quite long and you need to find a way to nurture your prospects until they're ready to buy…
Depending on your industry, sales cycles can vary. Consumer products have much shorter cycles, while B2B and larger capital expenditures can stretch out for months… or even years.

However, companies that remain top-of-mind throughout the long sales journey are more likely to build interest with their prospects and be at the forefront of their consideration set when the time is right for them to buy or have a conversation with them.

Every business is different, but the process is similar across industry verticals. By utilizing our REV Process, we can help you get a clear picture of what's possible and develop a plan that delivers the right touchpoints to nurture potential buyers until they're ready to move forward.

Your competitors are making bold moves with their branding and you need to improve your perception, or risk losing market share…
Comparing your brand to your competitors’ brands is important because, odds are, your potential customers and prospects are doing just that.

Perhaps your competitors do a fantastic job of quickly communicating their key differences and their value proposition. Or, from a presentation standpoint, maybe they’ve spent significant time and resources on their brand’s graphic design, which has elevated their perception as a thought leader and potential partner.

Whatever it may be, together, we can assess how to level-up your brand to gain a competitive advantage that’s designed to bring more opportunities your way.

Interested multiethnic scientists gathering around 3D printer and watching process of model production in laboratory

The biggest risk for any manufacturing
company may be a lack of evolution in their
marketing approach.

It’s no secret — change happens at breakneck speed. What worked yesterday
might not be working today. Perhaps you know what needs to be done,
but lack the time or resources to achieve it. Or, maybe you feel completely stuck,
not even sure where to begin.


It’s okay.
No matter where you are in your marketing process, we’re here to help.



First rule — don’t skip steps.
Everything should start with a process
and an actionable plan.

Skipping steps can often mean short-term gains at the expense of long-term growth and sustainability.

Sure, the upfront pre-work can seem redundant, but it’s important to agree on what success
looks like from the get-go. This includes pinpointing areas for growth, deciding on KPIs,
identifying obstacles, and creating a game plan and schedule to move forward.

That’s why we’ve developed our REV Process
— it’s a step-by-step approach to planning
and delivering on your next three to 18 months of branding and marketing activities.

Engineering Team Meeting On Factory Floor Of Busy Workshop

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