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Emotional Marketing: Your Brand’s Best Friend

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Why do we all remember that 2000’s Sarah McLachlan ASPCA ad? You know the one.

You know the song. Is it because the campaign made over $30 million for the organization, or because it made you stop the first time you saw it to wipe that weird, sudden leak in your eyes?

Ever stumbled upon a campaign that had you grinning like you just found an extra fry in your burger bag? Been stopped in your tracks by a political ad that struck fear in your heart and made you think, “Geez, I’d better vote for that guy before something terrible happens to me.”

Yup, you’ve been hit by the ol’ emotional marketing charm. And guess what? If done right, it could be the secret sauce your brand’s been missing to really connect with your audience.

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The Heart of the Matter

At its core, emotional marketing is all about storytelling that tugs at those heartstrings or tickles the funny bone, transforming your brand from some formless, distant entity into a cozy, relatable friend. It’s the delicate art of creating messages that resonate on a deeper level, making folks feel something real. Why? Because when people catch the feels, they’re more likely to remember who gave it to them.

Now, we’re not just talking tear-jerkers or laugh-out-loud moments. Oh no, we’re painting with all the colors of the emotional palette. From subtle nostalgia that takes you back to those “good ol’ days,” to the adrenaline rush of excitement for what’s to come, emotions are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.


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Creating immersive experiences isn’t just about having top-notch visuals or catchy slogans; it’s about stirring something within your audience that says, “Hey, these people get me.”

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Building Brand Loyalty, One Heartbeat at a Time

Remember that brand that made you cry or that ad that had you laughing till your sides hurt? Bet you do. And chances are you’ve been back to their website or store since. That, my friends, is the magic of emotional marketing – it’s an express ticket to Memory Town for your brand.

Creating immersive experiences isn’t just about having top-notch visuals or catchy slogans; it’s about stirring something within your audience that says, “Hey, these people get me.” It’s about crafting messages that resonate at that oh-so-personal level, making your audiences feel seen, heard, and valued.


How to Make Emotional Marketing Work for You

Before you jump in, remember: with great power comes great responsibility. Emotional marketing has to be genuine. Trying to play the emotion card without truly understanding your audience can backfire like a poorly-aimed boomerang. Here’s how to keep it real:

Know Your Audience Inside Out

You can’t tug at heartstrings if you don’t know what makes your audience’s hearts beat. Do your homework. Understand their desires, fears, challenges, and joys.

Guessing about what you need to focus on won’t do you any favors here. Appearing fake to your audience or being perceived as a brand who doesn’t practice what they preach is going to backfire in a big way once people catch on and they become louder than the people who have been affected positively by your emotional campaign.

Tell a Story That Matters

The best emotional marketing doesn’t just aim for a reaction; it tells a story. And not just any story – one that’s relevant, engaging, and aligns with your brand values. If you make your audience feel something just for the heck of it… great! But now what?

Think about what your brand stands for. Now, how does that intersect with your audience’s lives? That intersection is where you’ll find your story. Strategy, strategy, strategy.


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Brand marketing agencies are like that friend who knows exactly what to say and how to say it.

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Partner With a St. Louis Marketing Agency

Oh wow, what a coincidence.

Yes, you can take a stab at emotional marketing on your own, but why risk a misfire? Brand marketing agencies are like that friend who knows exactly what to say and how to say it.

We know how to step-by-step an emotional marketing campaign that fits your individual brand like a glove, resonating with your audience and making your message stick for years and years and years to come. Ah, how you still haunt us, Sarah McLachlan! You and your dogs.

Test, Measure, Tweak, Repeat

It might seem counterintuitive — treating something emotional like the scientific process, but like all good things in life, finding the sweet spot in emotional marketing takes a bit of trial and error. Keep an eye on how your campaigns perform – what emotions are hitting home, and which ones are missing the mark? Adjust accordingly, and don’t be afraid to try new things.

It sounds a little… weird. But don’t think of it like a dartboard. “Sadness not working? Throw some fear at them. They’re not scared? Try making them happy, or annoyed, or I don’t know!”

No, no. We’re talking strategy, not random selection.



In the realm of brand storytelling, emotional marketing is pretty much the feeling-filled holy grail. It can turn your brand into a warm, fuzzy companion in the eyes of your audience, building loyalty that lasts. Done right, it creates an immersive brand experience that folks won’t just remember; they’ll feel compelled to share with others in their circle.

When you’re ready to give your brand a heartwarming (or heart-shattering?) boost, consider teaming up with Dovetail to build a campaign that’s created just for you and your specific audience. Because, at the end of the day, making a lasting emotional connection is all about showing your audience that you truly understand and care about them.

And isn’t that what friends are for?

Let’s See How We Feel About Each Other


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