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Let’s Get Personal:
Turning Brands Into BFFs

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Plenty of people have trust issues.

These days, gaining support for your brand isn’t just about having the loudest voice in the room. It’s about being the most relatable, the most trustworthy, and — here’s the kicker — the most human. Let’s explore how your brand can get buddy-buddy with your key audience (in, you know, a not-weird, authentic way).


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Why Humanizing Your Brand is Vital

Increased Engagement and Sales

It’s so much easier to engage with people when it feels like they really get you. The same goes for brands. Humanized brands tend to attract more engagement, leading to higher sales. In fact, according to a study by Adobe, companies with stronger human connections to their client bases tend to outperform those without by a whopping 202%.


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Loyalty isn’t built overnight. But when customers feel like they’re part of a community, they’re more likely to stick around.

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Forming Friendship-Like Bonds

Think about your own buying habits and what type of brands you gravitate towards. Would you rather be involved with a faceless corporation, or a brand that feels like a friend? Although brands are made up of countless people all working towards the same goal, all of those people’s voices lend themselves towards the one Big Brand Voice, and when a brand has friendship-like bonds with their clients, the benefits follow.

If your brand feels like a friend to your customers and a competitor comes onto the scene, it’s far less likely that the customer will jump ship for that competitor that they don’t “know”. After all, it’d be a jerk move to abandon your friend, right?

Enhancing Customer Loyalty

Loyalty isn’t built overnight. But when customers feel like they’re part of a community, they’re more likely to stick around. By engaging through content, personalized advertising, and more, your brand is going to be able to slowly form a connection with your audience that feels, to them, like a person-to-person relationship being formed. It won’t happen overnight… but the loyalty it builds will continue helping your brand grow for the long term.

A report from Gallup shows that fully engaged customers represent a 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth. Seems like a pretty good return to us!


Tactics for Humanizing Your Brand

Transparency: Because Humans Make Mistakes

No one’s perfect, and guess what? Your brand doesn’t have to be either. Transparency is key, even when issues arise. Hiding problems can break trust, while being upfront about them can actually enhance it. If your brand has zero public perception issues over the course of your entire business history, congratulations! You’re geniuses, and probably also saints.

However, if there’s a mess-up somewhere, or a poorly-worded statement, or a tone-deaf ad… sweeping it under the rug (or trying to) is going to do much more harm than good, especially if you’re trying to build up friend-like trust with your customers. Own up to your issues! Make light of them, where appropriate. Your self-awareness will help humanize your brand even further and most of your audience will appreciate a company that can take accountability with authenticity.


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Share stories, ask questions, and most importantly, listen.

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Engaging One-on-One with Customers

Make your customers feel heard. No one wants to be friends with the guy who just yaps and yaps and yaps and doesn’t stop to ask how your week is going.

Social media isn’t just a broadcast channel; it’s a conversation. Simple gestures like responding to their comments or direct messages can make a huge difference. According to Sprout Social, 83% of consumers like it when brands respond to them on social media. Don’t be afraid to give some shout-outs!

Engage actively with your audience. Share stories, ask questions, and most importantly, listen. The more interactive you are, the more human you’ll appear. Don’t be afraid to give some shout-outs!


Putting Faces to Names

Meet the Team… They’re Humans!

Showcase the people behind the brand. Whether it’s through blog posts, social media shoutouts, or behind-the-scenes videos, putting faces to names adds a layer of relatability and trust. Plus, the added bonus of team features will give your hard working folks the warm fuzzies, boosting internal buy-in.


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Give your audience a peek behind the curtain.

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Utilizing Brand Ambassadors… You Know, Real Humans!

Brand ambassadors can be powerful friends and allies. They’re often seen as more trustworthy than the brand itself. They can get into deeper one-on-one conversations with their built-up audiences regarding your brand, advocating for you, contributing validity to your work, and helping your brand come across as even more human.

Research by Nielsen shows that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from individuals over brands.

Behind-the-Scenes Looks… At The Humans!

Give your audience a peek behind the curtain. Show them how your products are made or what a day in the office looks like. Things like a “day in the life” video, a team member social media takeover, or open houses can remove the mysterious veil around your brand. This transparency can make your brand feel more authentic and approachable.

Nothing to hide here!


Practical Tips for Humanizing Your Brand

Start with Your Mission Statement

Is your mission statement a dry, corporate jargon-filled paragraph? Exclusively SEO-friendly buzzwords will only take you so far these days, unfortunately.

Rewrite it to reflect your brand’s personality and values. Make it something your audience can relate to. Your brand is constantly developing… why shouldn’t your mission statement and vision?


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Navigating the path to a more humanized brand can be tricky.

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Use Storytelling

People love stories of all kinds. Share customer success stories, anecdotes from your team, or the history of your brand.

As you know, we’re big fans of storytelling at Dovetail… and that’s for a good reason! Storytelling can make complex or mundane topics more engaging. Building an interactive tale around your brand’s mission can not only humanize it, but give it a memorable nuance that it might have been missing before.

Personalize Communications

Whenever possible, address your customers by their names and personalize your communications. Do you hang out with your friends and just constantly call them things like “buddy”, “guy”, or “friend-o”? Maybe, but you also probably use their names quite a bit.

According to Campaign Monitor, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.


The Dovetail Advantage

Expert Guidance… By Expert Humans

Navigating the path to a more humanized brand can be tricky. That’s where Dovetail comes in. Our St. Louis-based marketing agency specializes in helping brands connect with their audience in meaningful ways.

We have over 30 years of experience in bridging the gap between brands of all sorts with their audiences, and we know what works and doesn’t work for different demographics.

Tailored Strategies… From Humans, To Humans

Every brand is unique, and so are our strategies. We work closely with you to find the best ways to humanize your brand, whether it’s through social media engagement, customer service improvements, or transparency initiatives.

It’s not just about the differences in audience. It’s about the difference in your brand, too. No two construction brands will be exactly alike. Every single shoe brand isn’t going to be aiming for using the same messaging. You need personalization just as much as your audience does, and Dovetail’s ready to get personal!

Long-Term Relationships… Between You (Humans) and Us (Also Humans)!

At Dovetail, we believe in the power of long-term relationships. Our goal is to help you not just attract customers, but maintain great relationships with them over time.

Humanizing your brand isn’t just a trend; it’s a necessity in today’s market. By being transparent, engaging with your audience, and putting faces to your brand, you can build trust, increase loyalty, and ultimately drive sales. At Dovetail, we’re here to help you make that transformation.

Ready to take the next step in humanizing your brand? Contact us today to find out how we can help you connect with your audience like never before… like humans.

Let’s Talk, Person To Person


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