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Do any of these brand and sales challenges sound familiar?

Your brand needs a story — one that connects persuasively, while differentiating itself from the competition
Standing out in a sea of competitors requires developing a strong brand position and articulating your “Reasons to Believe”. These must be authentic! Brand positioning is more than words on paper – it’s the foundation of who you are and aspire to be. The best brands know themselves, who they serve and what makes them different.

Define your “WHY” and your truest brand story will unfold.

You need an agency with a proven process, not one that just “wings it”
A proven process will move a brand forward from where they are to where they want to go. Our process, REV, is designed to do just that.

Short for RELEVANCE, EVOLUTION and VALUE, REV is a step-by-step process that will help you prioritize goals, implement business and creative objectives, and define and track success, all while being agile enough to make optimizations along the way. (Fact: businesses built on processes grow and scale exponentially faster than those that skip this step to save time in the short-term.)

To learn more about our REV Process, click here.

You need to bridge the gap between sales and marketing to develop more synergy and more qualified leads
It may seem obvious, but brands where sales and marketing teams work together have a lot more success than teams that don’t. But without support for a plan, everyone may go in different directions and, before you know it, you’ll have ad hoc marketing tactics burning through your budget without much to show for it.

We’ll help you prioritize, get your teams speaking the same language, help create your lead funnels and define the difference between a soft inquiry, a marketing qualified lead (MQL) and a sale’s qualified lead (SQL). It’s like one chorus, singing the same song in harmony.

Your brand strategy and creative execution aren’t on the same page
This can be incredibly frustrating. We get it! You’ve spent a lot of time on the strategy, developing insights and now it all feels disconnected from the creative output.

There are a lot of reasons this can happen. Perhaps the strategy isn’t referenced on a regular basis or a different team is doing the implementation. Sometimes it could be someone outside of marketing who has influence but doesn’t have knowlege of the total plan. Before you know it, your brand starts to fall apart and the value proposition is lost.

Process is key to making sure this doesn’t happen and developing detailed creative briefs that define the strategic imperatives can bring the consistency necessary to stay on track. We ensure that you have a gatekeeper – one who not only understands the vision for the brand, but also the key business objectives that the brand tactics must support in order of budget and priority.

Your website isn’t reflective of who you are and isn’t set up with a content strategy to generate leads into your funnel
If your website isn’t using some sort of combination of inbound and outbound marketing approaches, you’re probably leaving a lot of opportunities on the table. Your website should be setup to not only tell your brand story, but also bring people into your lead funnel. Content should be thought of as a way to demonstrate authority and meet prospects where they’re at in their journey – whether at the top of the marketing funnel or closer to the bottom and ready to convert.
Your content marketing and social media strategy needs to reflect your brand positioning versus an ad hoc approach
You don’t want to waste time and you certainly don’t want to burn through budget with little to show for it.

Depending on the platform, certain types of content has different value – both perceived and monetarily. Connecting the dots between your brand positioning and platform with your content and social media approach can give you the framework to know what to talk about, how to talk about it and make it easier to develop your voice.

You’re tired of the status quo and need to align people on your team with the idea of reimagining possibilities
Change is inevitable and sometimes, to address change, you have to break through the status quo and think about what could be.

Maybe you’re doing things a certain way because that’s the way they’ve always been done and you know there has to be a better way. We work with companies all the time that need to talk through the process to get a better understanding of what can be accomplished and how to go about putting the plan in place that can be delivered. We promise to bring enough enthusiasm to get you over any speed bumps that might seem in the way.

You need to find an agency that understands the whole picture of brand strategy and digital, not just one or the other
One of our clients said they chose us because they we’re only finding agencies in their search that we’re only good at brand strategy OR digital – but not both. We stood out to them because we know how to integrate both of those worlds together, leading to work that performs more strategically to bring prospects down the funnel.

We believe a team that works together and shares the communication objectives has the best chance at creating new opportunities for brands – whatever that objective might be.

You feel like you're plowing through your budget with little ROI to show for it and you’re doubting your current plan
This has to be one of the worst feelings. Especially when you have business goals to attain, and, odds are, personal goals as well. So, having a plan that’s not setup to properly to identify where to focus time and resources paired with your budget can be risky business. Look, sometimes there could be request that you need, but might not have a clear ROI. But we’ll let you know when we see that happening and work through those conversations together so we protect your budget and the value our collaboration can ultimately produce.
You haven’t been able to connect KPIs to your brand efforts and need help setting up a program to define and track success.
It seems simple enough: everyone needs a number to track to, otherwise how can you tell what success looks like? While every business is slightly different, the one thing most have in common is the pursuit of prospect engagement in some fashion. Determining what KPIs to measure from the top of the marketing funnel to the bottom can help you decide which activities are working and which ones need to be modified. We’ll help you determine which metrics aren’t helpful and which ones matter the most – based on what your goals look like. We’ll help you think through Customer Acquisition Cost and what that means – just for you. Knowing your numbers can set you free.
You know what got you here won’t get you to the next-level
Perhaps what you’ve been doing to get to this point has leveled off. It happens. As you identify new revenue targets and profit goals, you’re realizing that you need a new approach to get you to the next-level of your business. There’s a big difference growing from a 2-million-dollar company to a 5-million-dollar company, just as going from 10 million to 100 million plus company requires a completely different mindset to scale.

Regardless of size, however, is the influence branding and marketing can have over sales. So if you find yourself wondering why things have hit a plateau, or how you may reach that next level, consider looking beyond the usual approach. Perhaps it’s time to balance, sales, marketing and, above all, your branding. Then, let’s talk!


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