Our Story

Voted a Best St. Louis Marketing Agency

Dovetail — a brand reimagination
agency — is an integrated team of
brand strategists, storytellers,
designers and technologists.

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We’re on a mission to help clients reimagine what’s
possible in today’s ever-changing marketing landscape.

Our agency roots began over 30+ years ago. Today, Dovetail is described by clients as highly trusted and notably strategic — fusing a passion for novel creativity with the disciplined business acumen to produce results when they matter most. We work to reimagine what could be, versus what is, embrace change, and lead with initiative to solve challenges head-on. And, while we are a St. Louis marketing agency, we service regional, national, and international clients.

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Our values unite us with purpose:

Be Bold. Be True. Be One.

Proven Results

We’re not driven by design awards.
We’re driven by business results.

Don’t get us wrong, we love brilliant, innovative design. However, the awards we seek
come from the satisfaction of brand strategy, carefully implemented, to move the
needle and accelerate business success — creating happy clients.


Our leadership team is a unique mix of strategic thinkers, can-doers, sought-after advisors and life-time digital creatives. Our combined expertise has led to our selection as a Best St. Louis Marketing Agency many times over!

With decades of experience, our team is dedicated to accelerating success and reimagining what’s possible.

Scot Leisler smiling blue

Scott Leisler

& Chief Creative Officer

Vinnie Schnieder smiling square

Vinnie Schneider

Director, Brand Strategy & Lead Generation

Dan Graney smiling blue

Dan Graney

Creative Director

Jennifer Schmid smiling square

Jennifer Schmid

Senior Brand Director

a portrait of Hunter Lansche

Hunter Lansche

Creative Director

Jennifer Anania smiling blue

Jennifer Anania

Director of Finance

Vinnie Schieder, Steve George, Dan Graney and Jordan Ackerman preparing for a race around the office at Thanksgiving celebration Matt Steward and Sydney Lane reviewing a website site map wall exercise Vinnie Schieder laying on concrete looking up at the words Good Vibes Only written on the ground with sidewalk chalk photo of the words Brand Bravery Starts Here on a poster board Hunter Lansche playing skeeball at Up Down Arcade Bar in the Central West End Donna MacDonald, Matt Steward and Vinnie Schnieder reviewing logo designs Jen Schmid and Janan Nimock smiling at Dovetail's office Scott Leisler's Vans shoes and graphic socks Hunter Lansche working on video production at the Dovetail's office graphic skateboards in the Dovetail office